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overview of the project

I first became aware of the design firm cypher13 via The Denver Egotist blog. The Egotist features local creative work and allows commentary on it with the aim of challenging and fostering better design in the metro area. Cypher13 is often mentioned as this small firm cranks out a plethora of diverse and thought-provoking work.

During initial web research on design processes and case studies I somehow came across c13’s process of Managing Electronic Waste on their ‘Thoughts’ page. They formulated this while working on their entry for The 4th Bin project. This was of interest to me as lately I have been considering basing my thesis project on some type of “green” related issue. I discovered c13 has embraced sustainability as a core tenet of their design process. This is evident in their collaborative, client, and fine art projects. This is also revealed in the q&a responses.

My first pick for a project to review was The 4th Bin entry. Unfortunately, due to timing, detailed information on that work can’t be revealed prior to the event. Happily for me, Todd Berger of cypher13 was willing to talk to me about a pro bono project entailing creating the award to be given to AIGA(re)design recipients. A most suitable task for cypher13 since the award recognizes socially and environmentally conscious design work.

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